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When your dog is sitting at your feet with those begging eyes while you eat, it’s hard to say no. Unfortunately, giving your dog human food is usually not a good idea. The food people eat has too many calories for dogs and can cause weight gain. Even worse, many foods that people enjoy safely are poisonous to dogs and can leave your pet in need of an emergency vet in Campbell. If you must give your dog human food, leave these items off the menu.


Xylitol is an artificial sweetener used in many different products that will not cause any reaction to humans. For dogs, even a small amount can be fatal. Exposure to xylitol can cause dangerous hypoglycemia, elevated liver enzymes, and liver failure. Dogs frequently get exposed to xylitol by picking up a piece of sugarless gum, but it lurks in many sugarless candies, sugarless baked goods, and even toothpaste. Natural peanut butter also often contains xylitol, which is particularly dangerous since many dog families share peanut butter with their pets. If you suspect your dog has eaten xylitol, call an emergency vet right away.


Chocolate can cause a number of dangerous symptoms in dogs including tremors, irregular heartbeats, and seizures. Depending on the quantity, it can also be deadly. The dangerous substance in chocolate is the cocoa. The darker the chocolate, the worse it is for your dog. Contact your animal hospital if you suspect that your dog has consumed chocolate or arrange a visit from a house call vet.


Both grapes and raisins can be extremely toxic to dogs, leading to kidney failure and even loss of life when consumed. Researchers are not sure what compound in grapes is dangerous for dogs, but the reaction is well-documented. If your dog consumes grapes or raisins, don’t wait for symptoms to appear because they can progress rapidly. Contact an emergency vet or take your dog to a pet hospital right away.

Human Food Poisonous to Dog explained by Reed Animal Hospital