COVID-19 Update

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Buying or adopting a puppy is a major decision. Going into the process uninformed can be costly and frustrating, not to mention dangerous to your puppy. If you’re unsure about what you need to know about getting the right puppy, consider consulting with an animal clinic in Campbell. This video will also help.

If you choose to buy a puppy, make sure you get it from a certified breeder. If possible, visit the breeder and see how your potential pup interacts with its mother. If you choose to adopt a puppy (or senior dog) take the time to make sure that your new furry friend is comfortable with you and your family. In either scenario, we recommend you take your new pet to the animal hospital right away after bringing it home to screen for potential health issues. Make sure your dog’s activity level and size suit your lifestyle and home and talk to your vet about a dog vaccination schedule, microchipping, and more as soon as possible.