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Reed Animal Hospital Offers Top Cancer Treatments for Pets

Your pet is a member of your family. When they are diagnosed with neoplasia (cancer), you want the best treatments possible to help them get well again. Reed Animal Hospital in Campbell and Saratoga, CA, can help. We offer effective, compassionate cancer treatments for both dogs and cats. Our knowledgeable staff provides high levels of medical care at the earliest stage to stop the spread of the disease and reduce or eliminate all signs of cancer. Trust our veterinarians to treat your pet as if they were our own.

Doctor taking care of pet

How Do I Know if My Pet Has Cancer?

Cancer is never easy to spot outright. Both dogs and cats have different types of behavior when they are sick. Cats especially hide their illnesses well, making it difficult to gauge how long they have been sick. However, the doctors at Reed Animal Hospital have the right training, certifications, and experience to find the telltale signs of neoplasia in dogs and cats. We can recommend the top veterinary cancer treatments or specialists to target almost any feline or canine illness to achieve positive results. If you think your pet may have a serious illness like cancer, there are common symptoms and signs you can look out for, including:

Visible Lumps & Growths
Vomiting & Diarrhea
Difficulty Breathing
Abdominal Swelling
Non-Healing Wounds
Change in Appetite
Difficulty Eating & Swallowing
Lethargy & Depression
Evidence of Pain & Discomfort
Abnormal Odors from the Mouth, Ears & Orifices

Cat Cancer Treatment in Campbell, CA, and Saratoga, CA

Cancer Treatment Options for Pets

Your pet’s recommended treatment program will depend on the specifics of their condition. In selecting the right treatment, our skilled doctors will consider the type of cancer, how quickly it grows and spreads (the stage or grade of cancer), and cancer location. Based on these factors, we can then develop the ideal treatment methods to eliminate your pet’s cancer and restore them to full health. Each of our cancer treatments can be used alone or in combination with other therapies for the best results. There are three main cancer treatment options for pets:

  • Surgery: Surgery is one of the cornerstones of cancer treatments in pets. It is a time-honored, direct method for eliminating cancer and usually the most effective. Our veterinarians begin with a biopsy – a process that takes a small part of the cancerous growth to examine for type and characteristics. From this information, we then remove the entire mass, or a small section of it (debulking). Surgery helps to improve appearance by eliminating unsightly growths. It can ease bodily functions, augment the healing process, and reduce the side effects of other treatments like radiation. If the cancer is caught early enough, surgery can completely cure your pet and revitalize them to full health. With any surgery, it is essential to remember post-surgical medications to manage pain.
  • Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy uses specific drugs to destroy cancer cells in cats and dogs. It is very effective at shrinking cancerous growths, stopping them from spreading, and killing infected cells. Our veterinarians will prescribe chemotherapy based on many factors, including the type of cancer, the stage of cancer, and your pet’s overall condition. While it generally does not cure cancer, chemotherapy can effectively control the spread of the disease. That is why it is used for cancers that affect the whole body, such as lymphoma. It is important to remember; chemotherapy is most effective when the tumor is small and at the earliest stages of development. Our talented doctors will give your pet an individual cancer screening to determine their needs and provide the proper drug dosage and correct administration schedule to achieve the best results for them.
  • Radiation Therapy: Radiation Therapy is also an option. Our doctors can recommend state of the art radiation centers.

The Importance of Early Cancer Treatment in Pets

Early cancer treatment can make a massive difference in helping to heal your pet. The goal of any cancer treatment program is to completely, permanently eradicate the cancerous cells. By diagnosing your pet in the earliest stages, you may only need a non-invasive treatment, such as oral or intravenous medicine. Early detection also gives our doctors the time to plan the ideal combination of treatments to ensure your pet can recover and thrive. Cancer is a tough diagnosis for both humans and pets. However, it is treatable and beatable with the right team on your side. Do what is best for your pet and put your trust in the advanced cancer therapies and experienced veterinarians at Reed Animal Hospital. If your pet is showing any symptoms or odd behavior, contact us to schedule your consultation.

We Treat Your Pet as if They Were Our Own