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Skin conditions are not just a human problem. Many four-legged family members can also fall prey to dermatological problems that will require treatment. If your pet always seems to be itching, licking, and chewing his or her skin, make an appointment at your pet hospital in Campbell for a diagnosis and treatment right away.

As with humans, animals can suffer from skin issues for a number of reasons. Many animals who visit the pet hospital for skin problems have seasonal allergies to things like pollen and ragweed, or allergies to other items around your home. In some cases, food allergies can cause skin problems, as can fleas and mites. Infections, skin cancer, and tumors are occasionally to blame for skin problems, while hormonal imbalances can also trigger skin reactions. Your vet clinic can offer a range of treatments, from dietary changes to topical lotions to ease your pet’s symptoms for good.

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