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There are several reasons to schedule your pet a regular dental exam. Your veterinarian can show you the best techniques to brush your pet’s teeth, as well as teach you the signs of gum disease to look out for. If you’re unsure of how you can care for your pet’s teeth, call your pet hospital in Saratoga or Campbell and schedule a dental checkup.

Better Dental Health

People need regular dental maintenance and checkups, so it makes sense that your dog and cat also need consistent dental care. Animals can develop periodontitis, a severe form of gum disease caused by plaque buildup. Regular brushing can help keep daily plaque from building up and causing problems. Regular dental visits and cleanings at your local vet hospital can catch problems before they become worse.

Better Overall Health

Poor dental health can have a direct effect on your animal’s overall health. Did you know that pets can develop heart problems if their teeth are not kept in good shape? Pets are very good at hiding their pain. As their teeth worsen or wear down, animals can stop eating and be caring for themselves regularly. When a pet enters the animal hospital for a dental cleaning, blood will be drawn and the pet will receive a brief checkup to make sure there are no other issues. This time can be crucial for finding and stopping any other health concerns.

Long-Term Savings

Maintaining consistent dog and cat dental care could save you money in the long run. If you keep your pet’s teeth healthy with regular brushing and professional cleanings, you’ll be less likely to incur major costs later. Your pet’s health won’t suffer from poor teeth, plus you may not have to pay for painful and expensive extractions of broken or damaged teeth. Taking a few minutes each day to care for your pet’s teeth and scheduling occasional checkups at your vet hospital can help save you money, but more importantly, keep your pet comfortable.

Dog Dental Care