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Protect Against Pet Theft

You’ve probably heard the story of Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs. The dognapping of the pop star’s beloved pets resulted in injury to her dogwalker and made international news. Fortunately for Gaga, her story had a happy ending. The widespread attention and $500,000 reward offered by the singer resulted in the safe return of her dogs. Unfortunately, not everyone has those kinds of resources, and dog thieves are getting bolder. Pet theft is a widespread problem, and about two million pets are stolen each year in the United States.

Some animals, like French bulldogs, are in high demand. This makes them more likely to be targeted by thieves. However, it’s not just designer dogs that are at risk of being stolen. Pet theft can happen to anyone, and it’s important to take precautions to make sure it doesn’t happen to your pet.

  • Never leave your pet alone. Your pet should never be unattended somewhere that’s not secure. It’s not safe to tie a dog outside of store or restaurant, leave your dog in your car, walk away from your dog at the dog park, or even leave your furry friend alone in your own yard. The only way to make your yard safe for unattended pets is to install high fences and security cameras.
  • Only leave your pet with people you trust. Theft by pet care providers is uncommon but it can happen. Don’t just hire someone through an app to care for your beloved pet. Instead ask for personal recommendations, and make sure the person you leave your pet with is trustworthy. If you’re leaving your dog with a new groomer or at doggy daycare, hang out for a while to see how things are going and let them know you’re paying attention
  • Make the most of home security. There have been cases of thieves seeing dogs in the window and breaking into the house specifically to steal the family pet. Common safety measures like locking your doors, windows, and gates, and leaving lights on when you’re out of the house can go a long way. To further protect your four-legged family members, consider a home security system.
  • Be prepared to protect your pooch. Because thieves have been known to snatch dogs in broad daylight, always walk your dog on a leash and carry a deterrent like pepper spray in case you run into trouble.

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