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caring for new kitten Kittens are adorable, entertaining, and lovable. However, just as with any pet, ownership requires responsibility. If you have recently welcomed a kitten into your home, look for an animal hospital that offers a kitten package near Campbell to take care of your new friend’s health needs. Read on to learn more about caring for your new kitten’s wellbeing, as well as other aspects of being a great parent to your kitten.

Take Care of Your Kitten’s Health

Once you have brought your new kitten home, your next order of business should be booking an appointment at your animal hospital. Your veterinarian will be able to tell you which cat vaccinations your kitten requires. In addition to immunizations, your veterinarian will recommend a schedule for other procedures including a wellness exam, a heartworm test, a stool exam, and deworming. Some veterinarians offer a new kitten package that includes everything you need to get your kitten off to a healthy start.

Give Your Kitten Love and Attention

Your new kitten may seem skittish and disoriented when you first bring it home. This is completely normal; it often takes pets for several days or even several weeks to adjust to their new homes. Encourage your kitten to feel comfortable with you by sitting quietly on your couch and enticing him over to you by rattling a toy or crumpling some paper. If your pet does not seem interested, do not press him too hard. Your kitten will begin to feel more and more relaxed around you with time.

Have Patience

Remember that your kitten is a lot like a human baby. He is quickly learning all about the world around him. If your kitten makes a mistake, like clawing the arm of your favorite chair, for example, be patient. Getting mad and yelling at your kitten will do more harm than good because it will not understand why you are upset. Instead kitten-proof your home by temporarily storing valuable furniture or important items in a room that your kitten cannot access.