COVID-19 Update

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If you’ve recently welcomed a kitten into your home, it’s important to make sure that your new pet is kept safe and healthy. Cats and dogs are both most vulnerable to parasites and illnesses early in life, so it’s important to keep your new friend away from other animals until you’ve made an appointment with your Campbell veterinarian.

At Reed Animal Hospital, we offer puppy and kitten packages that include all of the vaccines your pet needs, two wellness exams, testing for heartworm and deworming, stool exams, and nutritional advice. As a bonus, our puppy and kitten packages include 10% off spaying or neutering. We also recommend microchipping your pet; it is a quick and painless procedure that will help you recover your furry friend in the event that he or she ever gets lost. If you have any questions about your kitten’s health, feel free to ask!