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Fat cats may be a common sight on the funny pages, but real-life feline obesity is no joke. Being obese or overweight can make your cat more likely to develop any number of serious health problems, including arthritis, diabetes, and liver disease. It can also harm your cat’s quality of life. If your cat has put on a few extra pounds, you should talk to your veterinarian in Campbell or Saratoga about your pet’s diet. There are some simple steps you can take to encourage your cat to exercise more, which will help to keep your pet healthy.

Buy a cat tree

Also known as a cat condo, a cat tree is a great way to encourage climbing and playing. If your cat refuses to go near the tree at first, you can make it more enticing to your pet by placing a favorite toy on top. The more comfortable your cat feels around the tree, the more likely it is to want to explore it.

Have plenty of cat toys

One of the best ways to prod your cat to exercise more is to bring out toys. Cats love chasing and catching toy mice, and they get especially excited when their toy is being moved around on a fishing rod. Some cat owners use laser pointers as toys, but cats may become frustrated when they are not able to “catch” the moving light.

Use a harness

With a little time and patience, cats can be trained to walk outdoors on a leash and harness. The younger your cat is, the easier it will be to train. After your cat gets comfortable wearing the harness indoors, you can try some short trips outside. Make sure that you start out walking in a safe area, such as your backyard or a small park. After enough practice, your cat may be ready for regular adventures outside—under your watchful eye, of course.

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