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Dog Walking Benefits in Campbell and SaratogaEveryone knows that a few minutes of exercise each day is good for your health. However, many people do not realize that dogs benefit from exercise just as much as humans do. Many dogs only get to leave the house occasionally, whether it’s short trips to the groomer or your veterinary hospital in Campbell. Even if you have a big yard in which your dog can exercise, consider adding daily walks. You will most likely notice improvements in your dog’s physical and mental health.

Builds a Stronger Bond

Burning calories and strengthening muscles together brings you and your dog closer. Taking your dog on walks gives your dog special one-on-one time with just you. Ambling through the neighborhood together feels different for your dog than traveling in the car to a busy place like the veterinary hospital or pet store. If you’d like to add socializing your dog to the mix, consider walking to a nearby dog park.

Improves Health

Most people know that to keep your dog healthy, you must take her to the veterinary hospital for checkups and immunizations, such as the rabies vaccination. However, many people are unaware that exercise is also key to your dog’s health. Just as with humans, a little bit of exercise each day strengthens your dog’s cardiovascular system and muscles. Combined with a healthy diet, exercise will help your dog to maintain a sensible weight.

Improves Behavior

Exercising with your dog can even help to make your dog more obedient. Because dogs are pack animals, their nature is to look to you as the pack leader. Walking daily with your dog gives you the opportunity to reinforce this idea and practice training exercises. Additionally, if your dog has behavioral issues, walks could be key to correcting these unwanted habits. Many dogs engage in mischievous behavior simply because they are bored. Daily walks will give your dog a ritual to anticipate and wear her out so that she is not bored when left alone.