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When you get a puppy in San Jose, it is important to train the animal while he is still young. Encouraging your pet to interact with other animals can improve your relationship with your animal. Keep reading to find out why you should socialize your puppy shortly after you bring him home to help him adjust to life as a house pet:

Animals have to learn how to interact with people and other animals. The more that you can help your puppy experience at a young age, the more prepared he will be to live among humans and other animals throughout his life. Older dogs are not always able to feel comfortable with people, animals, or even sights with which they are unfamiliar. Younger dogs are still able to adjust to new experiences, though. If you can sign your puppy up for socialization classes, you have a much better chance of raising a happy, well-behaved dog.

The Importance of Socialization
Puppies that are socialized grow up into well-adjusted dogs. Dogs that feel comfortable in a wide range of situations usually behave better on a daily basis. If you do not socialize your animal, however, he is more likely to be aggressive when they encounter something new. Without socialization, your dog might be more likely to attack another dog because he feels threatened. Getting your puppy socialized could reduce the risk for aggressive acts that cause major injuries to you, people you encounter, or other animals.

Socialization and Building Immunity
Your dog should be fully vaccinated before beginning his socialization training to decrease the risk for catching a disease from another animal. Once the animal is vaccinated, however, exposure to other dogs might help to build up his immune system. If you want to raise a healthy and well-behaved puppy, it is very important to start socialization from a young age. Talk to your vet about the best time to start your socialization training to ensure that your dog can interact well with other animals.

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