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While not all gastrointestinal issues are emergencies for dogs, one symptom you should never ignore is a swollen belly. While stomach bloating may be a mere nuisance for humans, it can be a life-threatening issue for dogs. When a dog’s stomach bloats, it can make it hard for the animal to breathe. If gas stays in the dog’s stomach it can lead to gastric dilatation, a serious condition that blocks the flow of blood to the heart. Large dogs are the most susceptible to this problem, but it can happen to dogs of any size.

You can help to reduce the chances of stomach bloating by feeding your dog more than one meal a day and making sure that your dog rests after eating. If you notice that your dog’s stomach looks distended, it could be a medical emergency. Contact an emergency vet clinic near Campbell or Saratoga right away for help.

vet with dog