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Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays by Reed Animal Hospital

Enjoying the holidays with your family is one of the best parts of the season, and staying safe is important for getting the most out of these times. To avoid an emergency trip to your animal clinic in Campbell or Saratoga this month, keep the following pet safety tips in mind for the holidays:

Prevent Food Poisoning

One of the most common reasons why pet owners end up at the veterinary hospital around this time of year is that their pet was given or got a hold of food that they shouldn’t have. Foods that you should keep your pet away from this holiday include turkey skin, chocolate, poultry bones, grapes, raisins, onions, and anything containing xylitol. If you suspect that your pet has eaten these or other harmful foods, contact a veterinary hospital.

Due to the rain mushrooms are more prone to grow in your yard. Many dogs like the smell of these funguses and will eat them. Many mushrooms are deadly when digested. Comb your yard for mushrooms and remove during the rainy season to prevent poisoning.

Ensure Pet Identification

If you’re expecting guests this season, or if you plan to leave your pets in the care of a friend or neighbor, then giving your dogs and cats the proper identification is important. Pets can have an opportunity to duck outside and head off on an adventure when there are visitors staying at or going in and out of your home. Additionally, your dog or cat may be more likely to attempt an escape if they miss you while you’re out of town. For this reason, speaking with your veterinarian about microchipping your pets and ensuring that they have proper and up-to-date information can help you reunite with them if they were to get lost.

Avoid Décor Disasters

Unfortunately, holiday foods aren’t the only things that you need to prevent your pet from eating. Holiday decorations can be tempting for both dogs and cats, leading them to ingest objects like ornaments, tinsel, garland, and pine cones. Items like these can cause intestinal blockages, punctures, irritation, and more, so keep them out of reach of your pets and avoid using any type of decoration that your pet has a habit of chewing on or eating when given the opportunity. Keeping your pets away from these dangers can help prevent an extra trip to the animal clinic this season.