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When pets are together in a group, they can more easily spread and contract illnesses from each other. A kennel cough is a common outcome of dog and puppy interactions.

This video discusses what a kennel cough is and how pet owners can help their dogs avoid it. A kennel cough is actually an umbrella term for a number of ailments, which can develop from viruses and bacterial infections. Veterinary experts frequently see the transmission of this problem when dogs come together in a dog show, at a dog park, or in a kennel. Vets typically recommend vaccinations to prevent a kennel cough, which can be given through the nose, skin, or mouth. However, these vaccinations offer protection only for approximately one year, making follow-up immunizations necessary. Depending on the strain of a kennel cough, a vaccination may also provide only limited protection.

Dog First Aid: What is Kennel Cough?