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If your pets go outside, they’re at risk for bites from fleas and ticks. How can you protect your dogs, cats, and other furry friends from falling victim to these pests? Start by understanding when flea and tick season begins and ends in your area. Ticks tend to bite all year long, but fleas don’t come out until the overnight temperature gets above freezing.

Depending on your climate, that could be all year long or just a few months out of the year. That’s why it’s so important to consult with your vet about the right way to keep your pet safe from these potentially dangerous parasites. Learn more about preventing fleas and ticks in this infographic from Reed Animal Hospital. Our vet near San Jose can help with all of your pet care needs, from vaccinations to dermatology and dentistry. Help pet parents everywhere prevent flea and tick problems by sharing this useful information

flea and tick infographic