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Benefits of Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleanings explained by Reed Animal Hospital

Dog and cat dental care is an essential component of overall health, but pet parents sometimes get anxious about these procedures because they are usually performed under anesthesia. Although anesthesia can be administered safely in a vet hospital, it always carries a risk. If you are concerned about your pet’s dental health or you are hesitant to have them undergo anesthesia, then talk to your animal hospital in Campbell or Saratoga about the possibility of non-anesthetic dental cleanings. There are several advantages to this type of dental care for pets.

Reduced Risk

Eliminating the risk of anesthesia is the biggest benefit of these kinds of dental cleanings. Non-anesthetic cleanings are especially helpful for older pets who have a higher risk of complications from anesthesia or pets who have been sensitive to anesthesia in the past. This approach allows all pets to get a thorough dental cleaning and enjoy the health benefit of clean teeth and gums, without being prone to anesthesia complications.

No Downtime

A disadvantage of dental cleanings with anesthesia is that pets need a long period of rest while the anesthesia wears off. During that time, your animal may feel nauseated and lethargic, and they may need supervision. If your pet has non-anesthesia dental cleaning, this downtime disappears. Your pet will come bounding out of the vet hospital ready to get right back to their usual activities and will not have any of the residual tummy upset and wooziness that anesthesia can cause.

Lower Cost

The use of anesthesia introduces a host of new costs into the process of pet dental cleaning. Non-anesthesia dental cleanings are much more affordable, so you never have to worry about compromising your pet’s dental health again.