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You may love your veterinarian and the warm employees at the veterinary hospital, but that doesn’t always mean your dog or cat loves to visit. Having a house call vet in Campbell is a wonderful way to keep your pet at ease, no matter the reason for the visit, and help you save time and stress.

Getting Rid of Unneeded Stress

Dogs and cats often don’t know why they’re being hauled into the car or placed in a carrier cage. They don’t realize their owners are trying to do what’s best for them. Whether the visit is a routine checkup, receiving vaccinations, or needing end of life services, your pet can become very stressed. The unfamiliar scents and sights around the vet might excite them, but it can be very upsetting for some pets. They might become scared, lash out, and be uncooperative. By allowing a house call vet to come to your home, your cat or dog can remain comfortable in their own space. This will make for a much less stressful visit for everyone involved.

Less Stress on You

It can be difficult to travel with your pet, especially if they are unused to riding in the car. A routine trip to the vet can turn into a hassle: struggling to get your pet into the car or carrier, navigating traffic, and even getting them across the parking lot and through the door. Vet house calls can eliminate, or dramatically decrease, any stress you and your pet might feel. This is especially helpful if your pet is in need of end of life care, such as euthanasia. The familiarity of your own home will help relax and comfort both you and your pet during this difficult time.

Easy Mobility

If you or your pets have trouble walking around, or your dog is exceptionally large, a vet’s visit can be extra tough. When your vet can come straight to you, no one has to move around more than needed.

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