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Children and cats can be great companions and sometimes some bumps in the road can occur, as they become friends. Here are a few tips from your pet hospital in Campbell.

Solutions for Introducing a New Baby

If your cat has always been the baby of the house, introducing your newborn requires a few adjustments. Start before the baby arrives, by slowly introducing the babies’ items to your cat, this way they become familiar with them. When the baby arrives, remember that your cat may wonder why they are not the center of attention anymore. Make time each day to play with your cat and focus on them so that they do not act out to get attention. Introduce your cat and your baby slowly, and always supervise their interactions. Although the old wives’ tales about cats harming babies in their sleep are untrue, your cat and your baby should never share a bed until your child is at least three, in much the same way that you would follow your pediatrician’s recommendations for safe types of blankets and pillows for your child. Avoid placing your cat in your baby’s crib, even when your child is not in it so that they do not think that it is an acceptable place to go.

Solutions for Introducing a New Cat

When you already have children and decide to bring a cat into the home, focus on teaching your children appropriate ways to interact with your new pet. Young children may grab and pull on cats, which can be scary for the animal and trigger biting or scratching. Supervise all interactions and demonstrate the right way to pet and hold the cat. Your cat may need a quiet spot to escape from the activity in your home from time to time, so set up area for them to go. Involve your kids in caring for your cat in an age-appropriate way.

child with cat