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Many dogs are reluctant to go outside in wet weather, but the rainy season may be more than an annoyance for your pooch. Many dangers can lurk outdoors during extended periods of rain that could leave your pup in need of a trip to the emergency vet in Campbell for care. Here is a closer look at some of the risks your dog faces during the rainy season and what you can do to keep your pet safe, including when to contact your veterinarian.


Rainy weather causes mushrooms to grow outdoors much more frequently, and about 100 varieties of them are poisonous. Dogs love to try to pluck mushrooms and eat them, which can expose them to danger. It’s difficult to know which types of mushrooms are safe and which are poisonous, so the best policy is to pick them and discard them when you see them. If your dog has eaten a mushroom, watch for signs of toxin exposure such as vomiting, abnormal urination or thirst, changes in heart rate, and tremors. If you think your dog has been exposed to a poisonous mushroom, go the animal hospital right away for emergency care.

Toads and Frogs

Toads and frogs tend to be more present in wet weather. They can be irresistible to dogs, but frogs can cause stomach upset if your dog happens to eat one. Toads are the bigger danger as some species are poisonous. If your dog has an outside water bowl, they can even become ill from a poisonous toad sitting in the dish. See your veterinarian for emergency care if you think your dog has ingested or exposed to a toad or frog.


In addition to giving your dog irritating bites, mosquitoes can transmit heartworms which can be extremely dangerous to your dog. Your animal hospital will prescribe preventative heartworm medication for your dog that should help keep it safe. If your dog is bothered by frequent mosquito bites, ask your vet if you should use a topical repellant at your next pet hospital appointment.

dog in rain