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Skin problems in dogs, cats, and other pets can often be a symptom of a more serious illness. If you own a pet, check his skin for signs of irritation and monitor his behavior for signs of itching or other symptoms. If you own a pet near San Jose, visit a veterinarian and groomer regularly, as both will check your pet’s skin for problems.

Common behavioral symptoms of potentially serious skin conditions include scratching, licking, or chewing at the skin or rubbing the face against furniture of the carpet. Physical symptoms include redness or inflammation of the skin, dry or flaky skin, rashes, swelling, or discoloration.

Skin conditions can be caused by diet, seasonal or food allergies, fleas and mites, hormone imbalances, skin infections, and cancer. If you suspect that your dog or cat is suffering from a skin condition, bring him to his veterinarian or an animal hospital for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Treatment will depend upon your pet’s condition and can include changes to his diet, or administering antibiotics or medicated shampoos.

dog scratching