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Protecting your puppy from the start is one of the best ways to ensure it has a healthy life. Schedule a visit to your Saratoga vet hospital for a complete checkup with vaccinations and heartworm tests. Your pet hospital can also provide useful information about keeping your puppy healthy.

Your new puppy will need to feel secure and warm now that she’s away from its littermates and mother. Provide it with a cozy bed that’s sheltered from the busy or noisy areas of your house. Young dogs need extra fat and protein to grow well. Be sure to feed it a veterinarian recommended food that’s specially formulated for puppies of its breed.

Reed Animal Hospital offers puppy packages to help your new family member get off to a healthy start. These packages include two wellness exams, a complete round of vaccines, stool exams, heartworm testing, dewormings, and nutritional advice. You’ll also receive 10% off your puppy’s future spay or neuter.

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