COVID-19 Update

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All of us at Reed Animal Hospital are saddened by the devastating damage that communities hit by natural disasters have endured. Many families and their pets have been injured and separated. Having an emergency plan for your dog is a must if you want to be adequately prepared in the event of a natural disaster. You should be sure to have your dog microchipped at your vet’s office in Saratoga or Campbell to help ensure that it will be easier to find your pet in the event that it gets lost. You should put together a small emergency kit that you can take along with you when you and your pet have to leave your home. The kit should include an extra leash and collar, a food dish and a water dish, and garbage bags for cleaning up after your pet. You should be sure to pack a blanket and toys to comfort your dog. Be ready to take at least five days’ worth of dog food and a week’s worth of bottled water, and don’t forget to pack a can opener. If your dog is on any medications, have at least two weeks’ supply ready on hand for emergencies. You should take along a first-aid kit for your dog, including bandages, eye wash, and ear wash. Finally, be sure to include a photo of your pet, vaccination records, and your vet’s contact information.

Emergency Dog Supplies in Campbell and Saratoga