Non-Anesthetic Pet Teeth Cleaning in Campbell & Saratoga

Non-anesthetic dental cleanings are often a great alternative for our senior pets, or for pets who are not candidates for general anesthesia. At Reed Animal Hospital with locations in Campbell and Saratoga, we utilize non-anesthetic dentistry done by technicians that are specially trained to perform a safe and thorough dental cleaning on your pet without the use of anesthesia. These technicians use gentle holding techniques while using a machine to polish each tooth, promising a lustrous finish.

Benefits of Teeth Cleaning Without Anesthesia

For years, the only way pets could get their teeth cleaned was if they were put under general anesthesia. Researchers have recently developed a method that allows veterinarians to clean pets' teeth without anesthetic. Here's a brief look at the benefits of this process.

  • Lower Risk: Though anesthesia is generally quite safe, it still comes with inherent risks. By forgoing general anesthesia, your pet will also forgo the risks involved.
  • No Recovery Time: Another drawback to anesthesia is the long recovery time. Instead of feeling nauseous and lethargic for hours after the procedure, your pet will feel like his usual self (with super clean teeth!) after a non-anesthetic dental cleaning.
  • Reduced Cost: Procedures that involve the use of general anesthesia can be very expensive—prohibitively so. The reduced cost of non-anesthetic dental cleaning isn't just good for your bank account, but it may convince you to increase the frequency of your pet's dental cleanings, which is ultimately good for your pet.

For more information about pet dental care and teeth cleaning that doesn't involve anesthesia, reach out to the team at Reed Animal Hospital. We understand the importance of dental care for pets, and we'll gladly provide whatever dental services your pet requires. Call our San Jose area veterinary office at (408) 369-1788 to set up an appointment.

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