Is Your Dog Dehydrated?

Every dog needs access to plenty of fresh, clean water every day. Many dog owners are not aware of how much water their pets need to drink. Most veterinarians advise that dogs should be consuming about 0.75 ounces of water for every pound that they weigh. Keep in mind that wet dog food contains moisture. Dogs who are on a wet food diet may drink less water than dogs on just a dry food diet.

Every dog owner should know how to check for dehydration. Check your dog’s gums; if they feel dry or sticky, it means your pet does not have enough water. Gently pinch some of the skin on the back of your dog’s neck, and let it go. If the skin fails to move back into place right away, it means that your pet needs hydration. Dog’s gums should be pink. If they have turned whitish-gray, you should be concerned. Dehydration is a serious pet medical emergency, and you should contact your veterinarian in Campbell or Saratoga immediately if you notice any of its symptoms in your pet.

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