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Your pet needs clean teeth and healthy gums just as much as you do. Regular dental checkups and cleaning at your Saratoga animal clinic are important in order to keep your pet’s mouth clean and to detect any potential oral health issues. Reed Animal Hospital offers non-anesthetic dental cleanings as an option for pet owners who are reluctant to put their pets under general anesthesia. Not all pets require a general anesthetic for dental cleaning and polishing. This is also safer for the pet and less expensive.

While general anesthesia is usually a safe option for pets, you may be more wary of using it if you have a senior pet. Non-anesthetic dental cleanings eliminate even the minor risks involved in using general anesthesia for a pet, and they enable your companion animal to receive a regular dental checkup and cleaning with minimal stress.

Using general anesthesia during any procedure means an additional cost for you. If the expense of a dental cleaning with general anesthesia is discouraging you from providing your pet with regular dental cleanings, non-anesthetic cleanings may be the answer. They are better for your budget, but they do still provide your pet with an effective cleaning.

One of the problems with using general anesthesia is that it will usually take a while for a pet to recover from the treatment. During that time, your pet will be groggy. A non-anesthetic dental cleaning will go by quickly for your pet, and there is no recovery time required.

The best reason to choose non-anesthetic dental cleanings for your pet is that they will help you keep your pet’s teeth and gums clean. Routine dental cleanings will help to ensure that your pet does not suffer from any common side effects of poor oral hygiene. Dental cleaning will help eliminate bad breath and will help to protect your pet from chronic health problems and gum disease.

Dental Cleaning for Your Pet