COVID-19 Update

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We know everyone loves getting into the holiday spirit with their pets, so here is a few tips to keep them safe this St. Patrick’s Day:

  • While we may be tempted to share some green beer with our pets — don’t! Remember, alcohol is toxic to them. However, if you don’t want Fido feeling left out, you can always order some Bowser Beer for your pets. They even have beef and chicken flavored… mmmm!
  • Want to get all dressed up with your furry friend? Please do (and make sure you send pictures)! Just make sure that any costumes they wear are non-constricting and leave plenty of room for breathing, running, jumping, barking, meowing, and kissing! A green bandana might be just the solution for our fashion-phobic pets!
  • Are you taking the costume a step further? Green fur is definitely fun, but make sure you use safe, non-toxic, all natural dye. You can even make an appointment at Dr. Dave’s Doggy Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming and they’ll help you out with some professional, creative grooming!
  • Parties, parades, and bars are fun but can be overwhelming for our pets. Make sure there is always a safe place for your pets to relax and for those pets who might be shy or scared, a night in might be more fun. If your pet does join you for a night on the town, make sure they have their identification tags and plenty of drinking water.

We hope everyone has a safe and festive St. Patricks Day…and remember, we love seeing pictures of your pets all dressed up for the occasion! Feel free to post them on our Facebook page and we’ll share them!

St Patrick's day dog