Puppy and Kitten Wellness and Development Factors​
Behavior Modification In Pets

Bringing home a puppy or kitten feels like bringing pure happiness into your home. However, every child (and adult, for that matter) must understand the profound responsibility that comes with caring for a puppy or kitten. Young pets have unique healthcare needs that must be met in order to ensure a long, happy, and healthy life. At Reed Animal Hospital of San Jose, we're pleased to provide our youngest patients with puppy and kitten healthcare packages, which include wellness exams, vaccinations, and much more.

Important Development Issues

Being an active and responsible pet owner during your pet's early days will positively affect your pet's health and behavior as an adult. Here are a few considerations to pay attention to while your pet is still young.

  • Potty Training: Consistency and positive reinforcement are important when potty training a puppy. Generally speaking, kittens have a very easy time learning to go to the bathroom as long as they have their own private litter.
  • Socialization: After fully vaccinated, socialization is particularly important for puppies, who will likely encounter many other dogs down the road. Exposing your puppy to a wide range of experiences, like puppy obedience classes, can help him become a well-adjusted dog.
  • Diet Issues: It's important to closely follow the dietary recommendations laid out by your veterinarian. If you have a puppy or kitten, you should refrain from feeding him cow's milk, as cats cannot properly digest it.

Puppy and Kitten Health Problems

Before you get a new kitten or puppy, you must understand what's involved with caring for your new pet. Here are a few common issues that you and your veterinarian should be on the lookout for.

  • Congenital Issues: Many breeds of dogs and cats are vulnerable to genetically inherited conditions. For example, short-nosed dog breeds sometimes experience trouble breathing. If some congenital problems are identified early, your vet has more opportunity to find a solution.
  • Parasites: Fleas, worms, and other parasites can seriously compromise your puppy or kitten's health. Heartworm testing, dewormings, and preventative medicine can go a long way toward protecting your new pet.
  • Distemper: Distemper is an incurable and life-threatening disease that affects both cats and dogs. At Reed Animal Hospital, we include a distemper vaccine in our puppy and kitten wellness packages.

For help ensuring that your puppy or kitten begins his life as healthfully as possible, schedule a vet's appointment at Reed Animal Hospital. Our veterinary offices in Campbell and Saratoga, also serving the San Jose area, is always available to provide outstanding care. Call Reed Animal Hospital at (408) 369-1788 if you have any questions.

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