Can You Clean Your Pet's Ears?

Both dogs and cats need to have their ears cleaned from time to time, which means that pet owners should do an ear inspection regularly. If you notice any signs of inflammation, it could be due to allergies, or it could be due to excessive wax buildup in the ears. If your pet’s ears are due for a cleaning, ask your Campbell veterinarian for guidance before you try to do it yourself.

Most of the time, cleaning your pet’s ears is a simple task. Use a cotton ball, wet it with a vet-approved ear rinse, and gently swab the outside of one of the ears. Then, use a different cotton ball to swap the inside of the ear—making sure to not push it too far in. Pick a time when your pet is calm and not agitated. Then, watch to see how long it takes before your pet’s ears get dirty again. You may need to do a cleaning once or twice a month, or less frequently if your pet’s ears stay clean.

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